Experts at the Big 3:
Color Control, Texture Exactness, 
and Gloss Consistency

The integration of these three finishing components is essential to any successful project. All three must flow smoothly throughout the entire project to ensure the complete satisfaction of the designer, owner’s representative and finally, the owner – and THAT is what we are here to do.

Our finish provides for an even, level, smooth, predictable and repetitive application and appearance – the ideal texture and sheen for your project.

Our precision sheen control creates an enhanced and seamless interior appearance so that products fit together perfectly.

Practical Finishing Solutions

Semi-Finished Panels and Parts  are ideal for manufacturing companies that require components to be incorporated into their own product line.

New Earth Wood Company’s Stained and Sealed/Sanded components assist furniture and cabinet makers in streamlining their operations by only having to apply the final topcoat of the finished product.

By usingNew Earth Wood Company’s Semi-Finished Panels, any company benefits reducing finish labor costs and realizing consistent color texture and smoothness throughout the product line.

Pre-Finished Panels and Parts are ideal for large area and perimeter coverage. This option provides a cost-effective option to meet any project budget.

Pre-Finished panels may be machined in the field to fit any size coverage. Until field dimensions are complete, the panels can be made into gross sizes leaving the edge-banding and exact sizes undone, thereby providing for a quicker turnaround from the edge-banded part to material delivery to your facility or job site.

Finished Panels and Parts are ready to be installed.

These completely machined components are edge-banded – this includes pre-finished miter-folded parts, cut-to-size panels, door leafs with matching transom and veneered wrap casings and associated moldings.

Finished Systems provide your company the ability to Custom Veneer Wrap any space at a very cost-effective, competitive price.

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