New Earth Wood Company’s Prefinished line is designed for use on interior surfaces where the look and warmth of finished real wood is specified but the ease of laminate installation is desired.

Our Prefinished Veneer makes it possible to utilize wood veneer in more unique applications than ever before. Uses such as residential and contract furniture, office systems, architectural paneling and partitions, kitchen cabinets, laminated interior doors, vanities, boutiques, elevator cab interiors and similar uses. Our laminates are known for their flexibility, pliability, choices (in adhesive backings), sizes, and sequencing and matching.

Our vast inventory of veneer faces and flitches can be combined with backers that are best suited to the demands of your jobs; jobs such as radius work, and different sizes in either long or short grain orientation. 

New Earth Wood Company also offers a backer that accepts water-based adhesive that meets requirements in states where there are restrictions on solvent based adhesives.

Specifiers, such as Interior Designers, Architects, Space Planners, and Contractors use New Earth Wood Company Prefinished for a wide variety of applications. They know New Earth Wood Company Prefinished adds elegance, value, and appeal to all of their design concepts.

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